who are we?

Throughout its 75 year presence in the region, Fiduciaire Leitenberg & Associés SA have participated in the development of the economy of Neuchâtel and the surrounding areas.

The share capital is entirely held by the company’s executive team, which gives it complete independence in respect to its clients or corporate third parties.

The firm has always given priority to employee training so as to guarantee competent, qualified points of contact for its clients.

The company’s size enables it to cultivate long-term trust-based relationships, built on a professional ethic dedicated to competence, efficiency and discretion.

The company is a member of EXPERTsuisse, the Institute of Certified Accountants and respects Swiss accounting and auditing standards.

75 years of experience

Founded by Lucien Leitenberg in 1948, our fiduciary practice has participated in the development of Neuchâtel’s economy for more than half a century. Its solid regional roots and long-standing proven reliability are a cornerstone of the corporate culture.

In 1981, it adopted its current legal status as a public limited company. Today, it is happy to maintain what it describes as a “generalist approach”, supported by the impressive versatility of its ten or so employees, while nurturing contact with its clients and major players on the local economic scene.

The company management and employee base includes Certified Public Account (CPA), LL.M. Tax, federal fiduciary agent certification and economics degrees.

Languages spoken include French, German and English.

The company works with a wide range of lawyers and notaries. Its size ensures its ability to undertake large-scale mandates with all the advantages of being able to offer multiple services. It refuses any mandate that is not consistent with its independence, particularly in the realm of auditing.